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Client Testmonials

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Claudia Cherubini: Claudia Cherubini

Creations - Owner

Claudia was a very special client from Bali, Ubud. She came to me with a few things that she wanted me to address such as Procrastination, stress, fear of not being enough and also driving. She has so much confidence in herself and in her business, plus she even has taken the first steps of driving in Europe. I attahced one of the many videos she kindly recorded for me.

Diana Tan, Singapore

"I am incredibly grateful for the transformative experience I had working with Demaras and RTT to overcome my addiction to alcohol. She guided me to the root causes of my addiction, allowing me to gain deep insights and understanding.

The personalized therapy sessions were enlightening and empowering. With each session, I felt a profound shift within me as negative patterns and limiting beliefs were replaced with new perspectives and empowering thoughts. 

Not only did Demaras provide a safe and supportive environment, but her expertise and compassion shone through every step of the process. I felt seen, heard, and truly understood."

"Working with Demaras has been a game-changer for me in overcoming depression. The personalized approach and transformative techniques used in RTT helped me unravel the deep-rooted causes of my depression.

Through the therapy sessions, I experienced a profound shift in my mindset and emotional well-being. Her expertise and guidance allowed me to release negative thought patterns and embrace a more positive and empowering outlook on life.

Today, I am living a life filled with renewed hope, joy, and inner peace. Thank you!"

Kevin Dodd, UK

 As a teenager, I was overwhelmed and scared when panic attacks started to take over my life.

But thanks to my RTT sessions with Demaras, which helped me to uncover the root causes of my panic attacks and taught me effective techniques to manage them.

Now, I feel in control and have a lot more confidence. Panic attacks no longer define me or hold me back from living my life to the fullest.


Lisa Driver, Hong Kong

After experiencing years of sleepless nights leading to feelings of exasperation and consequently mood swings, I was referred to a psychologist. I discussed the benefits of hypnosis and this treatment was fully supported. 

I was so relieved after I had an initial consultation with Demaras and discussed how hypnosis could help.  From the very first point of contact, I was supported and listened to. The initial session was such a relief listening to Demaras' calming voice followed by recordings that I listened to each night. My sleepless nights were reduced, as were my anxiety and ability to cope.  Thank you Demaras for listening and helping so much.

Jenny Mace, Australia

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