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About Me

Demaras Middleton

  • My name is Demaras Middleton, I am a fully qualified Rapid Transformational Therapist, living in Singapore for over 11 years now.​

  • For as long as I can remember, I have been a people person in all sorts of capacities, and it took a while before I finally graduated from the school of life, as I call it.​

  • Being an HR and Recruitment person for the biggest part of my life, I always had a keen interest in finding out what drives people. Who am I talking to? What is their motivation for this position? What made them into the person they are today? Obviously, the main purpose of that interest was functional for the companies that I worked for in finding out if they would fit within a team and the company culture. Also, the training programs that I have set up to help them with different aspects as an individual, developing themselves always fascinated and inspired me going forward.​

  • The passion that I have, improving people and helping them develop themselves, has been a constant in my life and finally a basis for where I am now.​

  • We are all a product of our past, for good and for bad. God knows I had my share of obstacles preventing me from dealing with issues in the past.​

  • With RTT, I now have found my purpose in life, peeling off more layers of a person's psyche and helping them on a level that will liberate them and release them of sometimes decades old shackles that they have carried around. Not only will this help them on a functional level, but it will also give them personal growth, beyond belief!​

  • I am here to help you on this journey, and nothing gives me more joy and pleasure than to witness this process and you become free of whatever is blocking you!​


"Once on the same path, I have transformed, and now stand as a testament to the incredible power of change. Embrace your journey, for you too can rewrite your story and create a future filled with infinite possibilities."

    "Rapid Transitional Therapy is not about making the past go away. It's about healing the present and embracing the future with grace and confidence." - Marisa Peer
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